About WBSS

Founded in 1998, and with over 5,000 active members, the Warwick Business School Society is the oldest and largest independent society on campus. And for good reason: for over 20 years, we have advanced members’ careers and enhanced their university experiences. We aim to honour this legacy by organising the best social and corporate events at the University of Warwick. These include themed parties, our annual ball and networking sessions with the best firms in the field of business.

“The Warwick Business School Society aims to uphold and foster the opportunity
provided by the Warwick Business School, by offering university students access to our corporate and social relationships, that ultimately hope to enhance any individual’s time at Warwick. It is the preferred platform within the university for the sharing of knowledge and creation of relationships of differing degree disciplines – connecting like-minded individuals,
guiding them on their chosen career paths and most importantly, allowing them to develop together with the society.”

Who are we?

Petra Ghamlouch


Luca Dugaro

Vice President


Handling thousands of pounds to make sure our events are always top-notch, Treasury not only plans and controls the society’s finances, but also actively steers the direction it’s heading.
As the ‘consultants’ of WBSS, Internal Relations’ executives are responsible for liaising with the Warwick Business School, analysing data around our events as well as strategically advising all other departments.
Social executives are tasked with the creation and organisation of our society’s biggest events including member and executive trips, legendary parties and our annual business ball.
Any videos, visuals, flyers, banners, flags, merchandise you have seen of our society were once a simple conception of our creative minds.
We’re the ones crafting WBSS’ image, communicating directly and indirectly with our members as well as drawing as many people to our events as possible.
Our team oversees a student-led investment fund with the goal of bringing the world of finance closer to students. To achieve this, we organise regular events with asset management firms, providing you with career opportunities and practical insights into trading.
In corporate relations, we build lasting relationships with our partners and sponsors, and organise exclusive events, bringing in the leaders in business to help you kickstart your career.
We in the legal team draft and manage contracts with venues and partners, consult on events, and ensure their stability, building the society’s legal foundation.

What do we do?

Corporate events 

We bring the best in business to campus in our member-exclusive corporate events. In addition to our renown corporate partners, we are known to feature entrepreneurs and business owners in our events, such as the annual WBSS Conference. Due to the excellent reputation and the large size of WBSS, we are able to collaborate with more firms and more often than many other societies at Warwick. In fact, every year we widen our reach to more fields of business to make sure our members can fuel their interests, whatever they may be. In our corporate events, you will learn information that will advance you in your career, academic and personal goals, and in many events you will have exclusive access to network with the presenters.

Social events

We organize parties that will certainly make you forget about school and stress! Each party features a unique theme, such as The Frat Party or the Candy (C)rave events we organized in 2018 Term 1. 

WBSS Annual Ball

The Annual Ball is our flagship social event, organized in Term 2. Dress in your finest clothes and be prepared for glamour! The ball itself is themed differently each year, followed by a unique after-party like no other! Find out more about the Annual Ball here.

Buddy Scheme

The Buddy Scheme is a member-exlusive free service that makes the transition of first-year students into university life as smooth and easy as possible. It pairs you with a second- or third-year student, who will help and guide you in all things academic or extracurricular. Follow WBSS on social media to be the first to hear when our next round of the Buddy Scheme is announced!


Do you have a genius idea to improve the campus? Are you interested in the financial world and want to compete with your portfolio against other students? Learn more about our challenges and what you can win from participating in them in our events page.

Resources (coming soon)

We provide our members with resources to advance their career prospects and personal growth. In addition to academic resources, our resources page includes practice psychometric tests, interview advice, our members’ tips and much more. The Quantitative Investment Group (QIG) prepares a monthly markets report, which provides detailed insight into the financial world. We update our resources consistently to ensure WBSS members are prepared for whatever challenge.

The WBSS Blog

Our blog is full of helpful tips and information you will find interesting. And it is not by any means limited to business: find secrets for affordable travelling, read our top tips for exam revision, and much more by following our blog!

And much more!

WBSS is a society that never stops. From charity concerts to handing out hot chocolate and blankets at Piazza, we are a part of the daily life of the whole university. We are always finding new ways to re-design your university experience, and the best way to keep up with our activities is to follow on us on Facebook and Instagram and to subscribe to our newsletter!

Who is the society for?

WBSS is a society for all. Despite the name, we have a vast number of members from non-business backgrounds as well – and why wouldn’t we? With such a variety in the events we hold and all other activities we do, there is something for everyone. Really, all you need is a slight interest in any field of business or entrepreneurship – we will enable you to explore this interest and discover many more!

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