Founded in 1998, and with over 5,000 active members, the Warwick Business School Society is the oldest and largest independent society on campus. And for good reason: for 20 years, we have advanced members’ careers and gave them some pretty amazing memories. We aim to honour that legacy with some of the best social and corporate events like themed parties, our annual ball, networking sessions and our buddy scheme. Mission: “The Warwick Business School Society aims to uphold and foster the opportunity provided by the Warwick Business School, by offering university students access to our corporate and social relationships, that ultimately hope to enhance any individual’s time at Warwick. It is the preferred platform within the university for the sharing of knowledge and creation of relationships of differing degree disciplines – connecting like-minded individuals, guiding them on their chosen career paths and most importantly, allowing them to develop together with the society.” Partners                          add alumni and careers opportunities links Events Contact

Meet the executive team

These are the people responsible for the organisation of bringing in big corporate firms as well as for organising the best parties in the University of Warwick. Each department has a “box” that includes photos, starting from the head of department, names, perhaps quotes from the heads as to what the department does/what is its aim. Some general info about the head is suggested, including fun facts eg favourite song, movie etc to make them more approachable Each box divided upon head, seniors, juniors if possible, a video about the department

Corporate relations                                                                                                         Marketing

Socials                                                                                                                  Internal relations Quantitative Investment Group (QIG)                                                                      Treasury Legal
WBSS has organized over x events over the past 5 years. Explore what we have to offer for you and sign up for your lifetime membership to join our next events! Events Join us link