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WBSS Conferences: Business, Accelerated.

5.30PM 19 October  – 7.30PM 20 October 2018

WBS M1 – Teaching Centre

Event description

Dear members,

We are thrilled to invite you to the first instalment of our new annual corporate forum: 

>> WBSS Conferences: Business, Accelerated. <<

To kick things off with a bang, we have invited leaders from four ingenious industries to bring the future closer to you:

1. FinTech
2. Alternative Banking
3. Artificial Intelligence
4. Entrepreneurship

Beyond the insights into the ways to do business tomorrow, we offer you networking sessions, a drinks reception, snacks and much more. The best part: it’s free for & exclusive to our members.

1. FinTech

As one of the most rapidly growing financial sectors, Financial Technology will revolutionalize the way business is conducted when Warwick students step into work life.

2. Alternative Banking

The panel discussion widens from FinTech as a whole to one specific field: Alternative Banking. It is an innovation that has consistently grabbed headlines with news about Bitcoin and peer-to-peer lending, but how can you be a leading part of this innovation?

Revolut, one of the largest FinTech companies in the world, explain their success in disrupting the banking industry and what the future of banking could look like.

3. Artificial Intelligence

AI is certainly one of the most talked-about factor affecting employment and business in the years to follow. But what exactly are the implications to different industries? What are the threats and opportunities that will emerge, or have already emerged?

Will Dutton from explains the firm’s work in helping other firms boost their efficiency with AI. Alice Goodman from Darktrace, on the other hand, discuss the threats to data and network security that AI pose – and how these threats can be countered. 

4. Entrepreneurship

Four successful people, four different businesses, one thing in common: entrepreneurship. WBSS Conferences has the honour to host Chantal Coady, Suleman Sacranie, Jonathan Grubin and Carl Reader as they discuss their experiences in entrepreneurship and share the greatest lessons they have learnt along the way.

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