WBSS x Valentine's Day Child.Org

14 February 2018 | 12PM – 5PM


Event description

❤️ Valentine’s Day is on its way. The time has come to spread love around campus and let your loved ones know how crazy you are about them! This year Child.Org and WBSS are partnering to give you the opportunity to send a rose, anonymously or not, to the ones you love. 
For the first time, 100 roses will be available for DELIVERY! So don’t miss the opportunity to surprise the ones who count the most for you! 

All the profit of the sale will be given to Child.Org. ❤️
Please come support our effort to help children obtain something we take for granted: education. Your involvement is paramount, as a little goes a long way. Buy a rose for someone here, and you’ll also be gifting an opportunity to a child. ❤️

To get your rose, simply swing by our stall on the 5th, 6th and 8th of February, between 12PM and 4PM on the piazza. You will be able to reserve your rose, write a message and give us the name of the receiver. 

On the 14th of February, the famous and unique V-Day, the person will receive a message to inform that he/she has been sent a rose, and that he/she will need to come and collect it from our stall in the piazza on that day. ❤️ 

£2 for Members of Child.Org and/or WBSS – no delivery
£3 for Members – delivery
£3 for Non-Members – no delivery
£3.5 for Non-Members – delivery

(Note that the delivery option is only available if you are able to provide us with precise information about the time, location, and phone number of the receiver. 
The time has to be between 12PM and 3PM on the 14th.
The location has to be either a lecture, a seminar, Costa, Curiositea, Xananas or one of the two learning grids: WBS or Rootes.) 

Don’t miss the opportunity to share love! 
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ❤️

Did you feel the love?