WBSS 20th Anniversary Ball: The Golden Twenties

24 February 2018 | 7PM – 2AM

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Event description

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

We are delighted to convene you to our 20th Anniversary Ball ! May all you zozzled flappers and eggs get ready for our cat’s meow Ball ever. Come and make whoopee during this 1920s Speakeasy experience in the ethereal Botanical Gardens. Cast away your troubles and indulge yourself in a night of luxury for our niftiest ball to date ! Put the Volstead Act to the side and get ossified for a bee’s knees evening, transporting you to the Harlem Cotton Club to discover your inner hoofer. 

Dud up, put your glad rags and get a wiggle on for this unique opportunity, but be ready when tickets are released, you will not horn in. The kale for tickets is £55 and includes a gourmet 3 course meal; complimentary champagne, wine & giggle water; musical performances; a jitney to and from the venue and many surprises to be announced, no baloney.

Pickup: 6:30-6:45PM (time TBC) from Campus or in Leamington Spa.

Dress code: black tie

If you are too half-seas over to understand 1920s slang, here is the vocabulary: 

– Half-seas over: thoroughly drunk
– Zozzled: drunk
– Flapper: the modern woman of the 1920s
– Egg: a person who lives the big life 
– Cat’s meow: the best of greatest; wonderful
– Whoopee: to have a good time
– Niftiest: greatest
– Volstead Act: US National Prohibition Act of 1919
– Ossified: drunk
– The Cotton Club: Harlem’s centre of Jazz music
– Hoofer: dancer or chorus girl
– Dud up: to dress up
– Glad rags: best clothes; what you wear to go out of town
– Get a wiggle on: get a move on, get going
– Horn in: to get into a dance without an invitation
– Kale: money
– Giggle water: alcohol
– Jitney: a bus
– Baloney: nonsense

Behind The Scenes

The Short Film

“No loud music, no casinos, no gambling; just no extravagance”.

Craving something new? Indulge in a night unlike any other at WBSS 20th Anniversary Ball.

No more dull parties. 

Attended our Ball?

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