Warwick Business School Society collaborates with a wide variety of partners, from start-ups to multinational companies, entrepreneurs to CEO's and non-profits to luxury brands. This is to provide our members with the best opportunities and information across all fields of business, and our partners with the most talented and keen pool of students at University of Warwick.

Current partners



We have recently partnered with Finimize, a company committed to giving you the tools and knowledge to be financially savvy and helping you become your own financial advisor. Keep an eye out for our future events with them.
More about Finimize
Point72 logo

Point 72

We have partnered with Point72, a premier asset manager with 12.4 billion USD of assets under management. As a world-leading hedge fund, our member-exclusive networking sessions have proven extremely useful for students interested in the industry.
Our most recent collaboration
HeadStart logo


Software that removes bias from the recruiting process and promotes diversity and inclusion.
More about Headstart

Past partners

IBM logo


International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an American multinational information technology firm, with over $125 billion in assets. In the past, we have organized an IBM London Offices visit for our members.
More about IBM
American Express logo

American Express

The 23rd most valuable brand in the world that generates over $33 billion in revenue annually has partnered with us to offer our members invaluable professional skills workshops and internship opportunities.
More about American Express
EY logo

Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young is a London-based multinational professional services company and part of the "Big Four" accounting firms. In addition to organising networking sessions between our talented members, WBSS and EY have partnered in interactive sessions and case studies.
EY Interactive Case Study
Yahoo logo


Yahoo! was a pioneer at the start of the Internet era in the 1990s, and still enjoys its place as the 8th most visited website in the world.
Yahoo!'s website
HSBC logo


HSBC is the largest bank in Europe, handling assets of approximately $2.4 trillion. In the past, we have collaborated in interactive sessions especially relating to mergers and acquisitions.
More about HSBC
Bentley logo


Bentley is the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury cars, totalling a yearly revenue of over $2 billion. In our Luxury Forum in 2018, Bentley offered exclusive insights into the luxury automobile industry and intership opportunities to WBSS members.
The Luxury Forum
Unilever logo


As the leading consumer brand globally, Unilever has extensive career opportunities in a wide array of business fields. In our many years of partnership, we have offered networking events and firm insights to help WBSS members get ahead of the competition in applying to Unilever's internships and job positions.
More about Unilever
P&G logo

Procter & Gamble

Targeting customers in over 180 countries and generating over $13.96 billion revenue yearly, P&G is the world's leading consumer goods corporation. In our partnerships, we have provided our members with career opportunities and deep insights into the R&D and marketing sectors of the company.
More about P&G
UBS logo


Founded in 1862, UBS remains the largest Swiss banking institution with total assets over £717.5 billion in 2018. We have organized networking sessions with UBS to best inform our members about how to break into investment banking.
More about UBS
Y-combinator logo

Y Combinator

Y Combinator is one of the biggest names in seed funding globally, having funded firms such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit, Twitch and Quora. Its companies have a valuation of over $100 billion.
More about Y Combinator


As part of the "Big Four" accounting organisations, Deloitte provides professional services to other corporate entities or public bodies. These services include auditing & insurance, taxation, consulting and more. WBSS has partnered with Deloitte for years now, providing our talented members exclusive opportunities to network with its representatives.
Our most recent collaboration
Burberry logo


The products of one of the most iconic designer brands, Burberry, are well-known globally. However, the career path to the luxury industry is not. In partnering with WBSS in our Luxury Forum in 2018, representatives of Burberry shared tips on how a university student can enter the industry.
The Luxury Forum
Revolut logo


With over 2 million users, Revolut is growing into one of the largest fintech startups in the world, boasting over 150 million transactions globally since its launch in 2015 and totalling a value of over 15 billion! Representatives of Revolut enlightened our members about the future of alternative banking at WBSS Conferences in 2018.
WBSS Conferences
Credit Suisse logo

Credit Suisse

With over £1 trillion in assets under management, Credit Suisse has grown into one of the world’s leading wealth management and investment banking corporations. WBSS and Credit Suisse have a long history of collaborating, ranging from networking sessions to employer presentations and interactive case studies.
More about Credit Suisse
DarkTrace logo


Despite having been founded in 2013, Darktrace has grown to become the world leader in Cyber AI. They presented their Enterprise Immune System, the world’s most advanced machine learning technology for cyber defense, in the WBSS Conferences in 2018.
WBSS Conferences
Amplify Trading logo

Amplify Trading

Amplify Trading provides comprehensive training for the financial sector - to large corporations and individuals alike. They have partnered with WBSS on several occasions in interactive trading workshops.
Our most recent collaboration
Teach First logo

Teach First

This social enterprise advances education in a variety of ways in England and Wales. With WBSS, Teach First has offered invaluable advice to our members' CV's and cover letters to help them land their dream careers.
More about Teach First
McKinsey & Company logo


McKinsey&Company is a global management consulting firm with over 90 years of experience. Having offices in more than 120 cities the firm is employed by a mix of private, public and social sector institutions.
More about McKinsey
BNY Mellon logo

BNY Mellon

As the largest custody bank in the world, BNY Mellon has over $34.5 trillion assets under custody and/or administration and $1.8 trillion assets under management. We have collaborated in a London office visit exclusive to WBSS members.
More about BNY Mellon
Man company logo


As one of Europe's largest firms in the commercial vehicle industry, Man generated sales revenue of €14.3 billion in 2017. Collaborating with WBSS allowed our members to inspect this industry in great detail.
More about Man
DRW Logo

DRW Trading

DRW operates at the intersection of trading and technology, capturing investment opportunities globally that many would not recognize as such. We have partnered to offer unique internship opportunities to our members.
Our collaboration
LP4Y logo

Life Project for Youth

LP4Y is an organisation devoted to helping young people living in extreme poverty in chasing their dreams by providing them with entrepreneurial skills. WBSS has collected donations to LP4Y in multiple occasions, most recently in our Notes For Hope - charity concert.
Notes for Hope
Peak AI logo allows its corporate clients to boost productivity and accelerate their growth by inputting artificial intelligence to the core of their operations. Representatives of this rapidly growing firm discussed the business opportunities of AI at WBSS Conferences in 2018.
WBSS Conferences
OC&C logo


OC&C is an international management consulting company with over 30 years of experience. With offices across the globe, OC&C delivers very specialised expertise and unique solutions to complex problems. We have collaborated to hone our members' consulting skill set.
More about OC&C
Creme de la Creme logo

Crème de La Crème

Crème de La Crème is a freelance platform connecting aspiring students with world-renown firms the likes of Google, Airbnb and LinkedIn. Representatives of this firm shared their insights at our Innovation Panel in 2017.
The Innovation Panel
Urgo Medical logo

Urgo Medical

Through collaborating with Urgo Medical, our members gained insight into the medical field and the business opportunities within it.
More about Urgo Medical

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Table 12

Diana Ross

1. Nour Dib

2. Jeanne Flipo

3. Alexia Bucher

4. Rachel Assaker

5. Flore Perroquin

6. Raissa Chamieh

7. Emilie Mayer

8. Eleni Yatracos

9. Weiran Li

10. Celeste Boulanger

Table 2

Calvin Klein

1. Sophie Lazzaroli

2. Shania Bhageerutty

3. Giulia Giantomaso

4. Elitsa Angelova

5. Khushali Mehta

6. Lucinda Smith

7. Alessandro Adducci

8. Sadafumi Takahashi

9. Javina Houri

10. Jay Singh

Table 3

Elton John

1. Menal Tedros

2. Veronika Stadnik

3. Amandine Cherdel

4. Alix Collin

5. Thelma Chavnonet

6. Pietro Cusimano

7. Edoardo Calleri

8. Francesco Lasagna

9. Youssef Loughzail

10. Eloi Martin

11. Teresa Valderrabano

12. Jeanne Henry

Table 4

Andy Warhol

1. Petra Ghamlouch

2. Luca Dugaro

3. Chloe Hardy

4. Jordi Drenthen

5. Oli Lemstra-Bake

6. Damian Jung

7. Victor Teilhard

8. Yuuki Larrieu

9. Mathilde Carnet

10. Romy Hunt

11. Victoire Lacoste

12. Hadrien Busser

Table 5

Mick Jagger

1. Michael Wong

2. Nicola Blasetti

3. Luca Depra

4. Lukas Anthuber

5. Alessandro Brizio

6. Philip Gregory

7. Filip Nowakowski

8. Paulo Velhinho

9. Joao Resnikoff

10. Tiago Ornelas

Table 6


1. Jaakko Järviniemi

2. Maria Timofeeva

3. Chloe Vergniere

4. Maja Volkel

5. Kris Banerjee

6. Helena Sania Volbeta

7. Evelina Molis

8. Jennifer Nu Dang Phan

9. Camilla Beltrame

10. Sara Siglienti

Table 7

Karl Lagerfeld

1. Mathilde Ussing

2. Nicolas Estevez

3. Martin Ginesta

4. Hermina De Jorna

5. Marie Mickeler

6. Armand Bouchet

7. Alex Brown

8. Zak Hassell

9. Auguste Kakneviciute

10. Sabrina Solemani

Table 8

Tommy Hilfiger

1. He Jiayue

2. Wicky Guo

3. Maxime Mendelssohn

4. Katie Walker

5. Chloe Byrne

6. Natalia Myslinska

7. Lauren Hogan

8. Sarah Jackson

9. Mariana Galben

Table 9

David Bowie

1. Marina Antanasiotis

2. Chris Cioranu

3. Fabio Savi

4. Sabrina Reinke

5. William Nolan

6. Julia Moriau

7. Gabriel Samiei

8. Humza Ahmad

9. Lisa Hallmann

10. Rapheal Postl

11. Christopher Hurren

12. Firas Mkdad

Table 10

Donald Trump

1. Nat Thill

2. Ella Krymolowski

3. Ludwig Wilke

4. Edison Low

5. Eliza Perry

6. Alexia Ellinas

7. Lauren Stohard

8. Serena Tugnet

9. Matthew Lennard 

10. Rebecca Smith

Table 11

Stevie Wonder

1. Leah Samson

2. Hélène Karayiannis

3. Julie Boukobza Deau

4. Elena Kouzari

5. Eliana Sakka

6. Adriana Zraick

7. Charlotte Rossignol

8. Alienor Germon

9. Maria Vittoria Bognetti

10. Marie Raison

Table 13

Tina Turner

1. Amelia Shiner

2. Eva Ahlstedt

3. Tina Wang

4. Liaisan Iksanova

5. Sara Sousi

6. Emilia Pugachova

7. XinYue Yin

8. Mariia Sazonova

9. Maya Pugachova

10. Gaia Darro

Table 24

Marilyn Monroe

1. Alexander Stubbs

2. Kristof Tuzes

3. Mahrukh Zahid

4. Aditi Singhania

5. Adrian Wong

6. Kshitij Agarwal

7. Eveliina Torkkeli

8. Mara Dumitrache

9. Vedika Akhramka

10. Sara Naveed

Table 14

John Lennon

1. Colomba Gachet

2. Jules Cuvillier

3. Annabelle D’Andigné

4. Inès Derreumaux

5. Emma Anglade

6. Diane De la Raudière

7. Sybille De la Raudière

8. Serena Altare

9. Sayakki Pransveswaran

10. Vittoria Lucchese

Table 15


1. Daniel Muir

2. Titouan Dupleich

3. Thomas Blackburn

4. Atharv Joshi

5. Jackie Dong

6. Rostislav Brytskyi

7. David Miladinovic

8. Cyril Laborde

9. Sharda Pisupati

Table 16

Freddie Mercury

1. Christopher Swafing

2. Louis Quin

3. Callum Rainey

4. Antoine Veillerette

5. Saskia Daniels

6. Carlotta Rodrigues

7. Florian Day

8. Camille Felton

9. Maria Carvahlo

10. Chess Channon

Table 17

Nile Rodgers

1. Axel Hirvenoja

2. Declan Thiriet

3. Romain Touyé

4. Stephen Grimaldi

5. Thomas Bruneteaux

6. Marine Von Renteln

7. Carolina Borrelli

8. Ines Fuentes

9. Clara Quintard

10. Adelaide D’Huart

11. Julie Jacobs

Table 18

Olivia Newton-John

1. Rajan Sakhrani

2. Trisha Malkani

3. Seint Shin

4. Ishita Aggarwal

5. Lena Lou Simon

6. Ayah Al Jaber

7. Olivia Brecque

8. Kay Karen Jasmin

9. Lara Apstein

Table 19

John Travolta

1. Yan Le

2. Esperanza Jimenez

3. Mohammed Almasri

4. Nima Tohidi

5. Camilla Zanetti

6. Katia Kondrashova

7. Lazaros Efraimoglou

8. Cecilia Zetti

9. Virginia Casagrande

10. Denym Stengel

11. Maria Ross

Table 20

James Brown

1. Jessy Manic

2. Roshni Harjani

3. Akash Mittal

4. Beatriz Rodeia

5. Natasha Syed

6. Rosie Judd

7. Sudara Senaratne

8. Varun Devjani

9. Cathyna Liang

Table 21


1. Luis Van Ginderachter

2. Pablo Navajas Helguero

3. Javier Perez Garcia

4. Alejandra Yanes

5. Katrina Lane

6. Beatriz Marin Dawid

7. Lara Martinez

8. Marta Alonso

9. Ignacio Borrego

10. Ricardo Picon

11. Carolina Sagardoy

Table 22

Michael Jackson

1. Nick Rajpal

2. Mohammad Alnuaimi

3. Sachin Nantheesan

4. Pasha Korolev

5. Pasha Saganov

6. Albus Foglia

7. Arsalan Shams

8. Zyad Akkari

9. Jacob Krihli

10. Lara Rodriguez

11. Clara Villegas

12. Claire Piacentini

Table 23

Dolly Parton

1. Lea Assaf

2. Yasmina Abusamra

3. Karim El Khoury

4. Ines Achour

5. Omeir Nasser

6. Ali Ismail

7. Samir Ijeilat

8. Gergana Nikolova

9. Zlatina Bozhilova

Table 1

Grace Jones

1. David Aliagas

2. Pieter T. Hoen

3. Sonali Pugh

4. Lucy Walker

5. Alba Palombi

6. Javi Sanchez Biel

7. Maria Heredia

8. Nour Rahmi

9. Seren Bird

10. Joel Cases

11. Timo Fukar