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About Us

Warwick Business School Society was founded in 1998, and has since become one of the largest independent, student-run societies at the University of Warwick. The Warwick Business School Society aims to uphold and foster the opportunity provided by the Warwick Business School, by offering members to the opportunity of various corporate and social events.

Our corporate events aim to provide our members with learning opportunities with different companies and individuals from the business world. Through our corporate events, we provide a platform where our members can network, share knowledge and perspectives about different disciplines. Our members gain access to recruitment opportunities, develop new skills, helping them to get an insight about their possible career paths.

To ensure a less informal and casual atmosphere for our members to socialise and network in, WBSS also provides numerous social events. These social events ensure that each individual experiences opportunity to socialise and meet new members of the society and the Warwick community.

WBSS strongly encourages to maintain a positive and supportive relationship with each member of the society. Our Internal Relations team works hard to foster and develop a strong bond between our members and the society through various events.

Currently, the society has over 49 executives working hard to help and benefit the 2500 active members of the Warwick Business School Society. With the support of our members, WBSS will work hard to host numerous memorable events.

WBSS Team Picture