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The #BehindWBBS isn’t just about having those ‘cool’ montage videos. We can tell more of a story about our events, answering in a visual way, questions of how we came up with the idea, what you can take away from the event, and a summary of what happened. The first event we can do this for is point 72, then the end of the year party, and ball. All showing the diverse events we run.
Mostly video formats with 1:30mins maximum.

Behind WBSS series can be applied to all events starting with Point 72. This can be done in a few steps.

  • First, the project manager can explain the idea of the event in a type of video interview answering some most urgent questions.
  • record testimonials of people at the event :
    • Socials: there could be funny footage
    • Corps: make company events look busy (esp. in networking parts thus attracting more sponsors if they watch our videos)
  • Use the same people in each series. In BehindWBSS you can see only 2 people (for example) and so a viewer can see their journey with the WBSS.
  • “open gym concept”- full-length videos— make them then smaller for Instagram
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